Solomun’s DIYNAMIC Festival In London Cancelled Due To Local Resident Complaints

DIYNAMIC Festival Cancelled

Solomun’s very own label Diynamic has been successfully hosting festivals in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona and Naples for quite some time. The 12 year old label, wanting to spread their love of underground techno and house music to London, was set to host a two day festival at Morden Park, September 8-9. Unfortunately, the festival has been brought to a grinding halt as petitions and complaints from residents have led officials to deny the festival’s license. Solomon, Adriatique, Hosh and Magdalena among others were set to play. 

In a statement posted to the label’s Facebook page a few days ago, the Diynamic team stated:

“It is with great sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of Diynamic Festival London. We had put our trust into the hands of our local promoter partner MJMK events, but the initial venue in Greenwich was lost due to a commercial decision by the landlord overriding an initial agreement to host the event, and at our replacement venue (Morden Park) they were refused the licence in what we all consider to be an unfair and unjust decision by the Licensing Committee.”

A Bridezilla’s Wrath

The reasoning for the licensing committee’s decision apparently falls to less than 20 residential complaints, most of them stemming from brides getting married. In a petition posted to, one bride wrote her wedding was booked last March and there was no warning of a festival. She goes on to say “Loud ‘House music’ and thousands of people wandering around Morden Park would absolutely spoil anyone’s wedding ceremony.” The petition garnered over 700 signatures.

We hope Diynamic can recuperate from this quickly and find a new London venue for next year.

You can read the full Facebook post here.