Rusko – High (Bassnectar Remix)

We’re just two weeks out from the release of the third installment in Bassnectar’s Reflective EP series, and now we have the second single from the highly anticipated project, following ‘Heavyweight Sound‘ with Jantsen and RD. Lorin has taken on the task of remixing one of Rusko’s latest tunes ‘High‘, from his most recent EP Has Made Five More Songs.

Rusko’s original was highlighted by the raw and emotional vocals. Bassnectar kept much of the vocals intact for his version, underlaying them with his classic melodic downtempo production style. Anyone who is familiar with the peaks and valleys of a Bassnectar set will understand the role this remix will play in a live setting. With the release of this remix, we now have two wildly different tunes from Reflective (Part 3), but both fit perfectly in the sonic landscape of what the Reflective series has represented in its first two parts.

Bassnectar set out to take us on a journey through the different production styles that can still fall under his bass music umbrella, and he is yet to disappoint with this series. Reflective (Part 3) come out in exactly two weeks on August 24th. Take a listen to ‘High’ below, and check back in soon to hear the rest of the EP!