Moonrise Festival 2018 Recap

It seems like every year, Moonrise Festival promises too be their best year ever and every year they keep their promise. This past weekend marked another edition of musical festivities at Pimlico Race Course. Artists including Marshmello, Kaskade, Diplo and DJ Snake were all billed to perform and while the festival encountered some we

In the days coming towards the event, thunderstorms seemed to be in the forecast. To ensure the best possible outcome for the festival, there were last minute procedures like the swapping of the stage positions of the Stellar Stage and the Lunar Stage. While the day started off on a good note with even sun in the sky, the weather would ultimately take a turn for the worst and thunderstorm clouds would soon hover over venue grounds. Under the fire marshal laws, if there are lighting within 5 miles of the venue, the festival would have to be temporarily put on hold. Similar to last year, attendees were escorted to the stands outside the venue while they awaited news of the reopening of gates. Not long after, the festival gates’ reopened but during the break, Kaskade and Diplo, who were two of the festival’s biggest headliners were set to perform. However, opposed to missing out on their performance entirely, both artists played half hour sets so at least their fans got to see a bit of their favorite acts.

Another major improvement was the VIP and VIP table areas. Often times, VIP sections at festivals are disappointments compared to their price tag. Moonrise Festival, on the other hand, definitely make the experience worth it. The VIP area was a large sectioned off spot where VIP ticket holders danced with a lot of room to spare. In addition, the VIP tables were set up with the undisputed best view of the action. If crowds are not your thing, I can assure you the extra investment for the VIP upgrade is worth while.

Overall, Moonrise Festival has done it again. Year by year, they outdo themselves and make fans return for another unforgettable weekend. If you were not there this year, make sure you get on the early bird tickets for next year.