Martin Garrix Models Armani Exchange in Fall Campaign Video

Another name to again grace the land of fashion is the mega-star Martin Garrix. Garrix was recently featured in a Fall / Winter promotional video composed and posted by Armani Exchange. This is not the first time they have worked together, and will likely not be the last.

The promotional video begins with Garrix donning a bright red hoodie with the company’s logo on the chest. The video continues to the DJ effortlessly tossing a record, hitting his mark and essentially beginning the twenty second long party. Garrix is then shown showing off a couple of other styles in a club-like environment.

Other than modeling eye-wear and threads for the Italian fashion company, the young star has also recently branded himself into this year’s school season. He has had pencils, notebooks, binders and other materials branded—turning boring #2 into a pencil who’s aesthetic you can appreciate. This furthers Garrix as a household name making him more popular than ever.