Estiva Talks Eric Prydz, New Album & More

How does it feel to open the ASOT Stage at Tomorrowland?

Yes it was amazing. I didnt have any big expectations since it’s opening the stage and people are just starting to stream in but after about 15 minutes it started to get packed. I wasnt expecting much but it exceeded my expectations for sure.

You’ve had a huge 2018 so far and you actually put out an album scalled Spectacle I

Spectacle I is the result of so much music Ive made over the past 3 years. I’ve been making music and sending it to Armada and they just said “You should make an album. You have so many tunes”. For me I’m just writing stuff without the purpose of an album but I realized that I should compile the tracks and make some cohesion so that I could call it an album. Once I got the core of the album together I could decide to write a few more tracks and in the end I’m very happy about the album. I loved the collaborations on the album – it’s very progressive and experimental, melodic, and also dark as well.

So will there be a Part 2?

Yup – Part I says there will be a part 2 right?

Who do you most look up to as inspirations?

I look up to a lot of artists – umm Armin van Buuren is one. His drive, his energy, his creativity. I don’t think I could ever match him but to me he’s the #1 out there. For the past 3 years I’ve been focusing on myself and whatever I like and not thinking or worrying about emulating certain artists. I don’t listen to something and try to make the same kind of beats. To me its great to go into the studio with a blank line and just create whatever pops into my head.

You’re probably aware that you got some flack from the Eric Prydz fandom, so how do you respond to their criticisms?

You know it’s kind of like what I was saying before. I never have the intention of emulating a certain sound or a certain beat or a track. I just make whatever pops into my head, so any similarities with Eric are purely coincidental.

Thank You so much!

Thank you guys!


**Editor’s Note: The remainder of the interview audio was lost due to technical issues.