Ekali Shares Meaningful Tweets About His Sexuality and Music


Over the last couple months, Vancouver based producer, Ekali has proven to be more and more of an incredible and relatable person.

The producer has managed to gain a really strong and loyal audience in the years he’s been around as an electronic music artist. Other than his amazing productions, his character, honesty, transparency, and commitment to always speaking his mind have allowed him to become one of the most respected personalities in the scene.

Right before his two anticipated performances at HARD Summer this year, the producer shared what is probably his most personal story yet, touching on his mental health, as well as his issues with derealization and depersonalization. While Ekali is producing some of the most exciting music in the industry, moments like this that demonstrate just how much of an impact he can have on both fans and artists alike.

More recently, Ekali took to Twitter to blast homophobia upon the release of his upcoming EP. He told fans that he is fed up with the homophobic comments he was coming across regarding his music and told those people that his, “music was not for them” and to “kindly fuck off”. He then followed this up with another tweet where he came out as bisexual and mentioned how sick he was of homophobic comments on his music and posts. “Yes I’m bisexual. Stop leaving hateful gay rhetoric on my content. Thank you.”

Ekali came out from r/trap

Alison WonderlandChet PorterY2kHotel Garuda and more have responded to the tweet, all showing their support and compassion. Once again, Ekali proves to be the hero we all need in the music industry.