Kaskade Releases 18-Track Compilation “Arkade Destinations: Tulum”

Arkade Destinations: Tulum

Arkade Destinations: Tulum

Kaskade released a massive 18-track compilation, ‘Arkade Destinations: Tulum‘, under his label Arkade. “Tulum” is the first destination in the upcoming Arkade compilation albums. This is a must-listen compilation to end your summer just right.

Undoubtedly this compilation will transport you to Tulum, the beautiful Caribbean coastline in Yucatan, Mexico. From chill house music to more down-tempo tracks, the album has it all. Moreover, the music will make you want to get a Piña Colada and go to your nearest beach.

Additionally, the album starts off with Kaskade’s new track ‘Give It Back’. You can find music by Classic Unknwn, Late Night Alumni, Lipless, Fake Blondes, Frankie Shakes, and many more.

Check out the full compilation down below: