Avicii’s Father Accepts Posthumous Award for ‘Without You’

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It comes as no surprise that Avicii‘s legacy lives on through his haunting lyrics and distinct melodies. What may be slightly more shocking is the fact that despite the Swedish musician’s sudden passing, his army of dedicated fans are still voting and supporting his iconic tracks, ultimately still rewarding the beloved artist with impressive awards.

During Wednesday night’s Rockbjörnen gala in Stockholm, attendees were treated to a historic and memorable moment that will live on for years to come. Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, was present to accept the award for the Best Swedish Song of the Year for his son’s chart-topping single Without You‘, and trust us when we say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room…

This special event marked Klas’ first public appearance since the heartbreaking death of his son. Although many would have believed that this particular occasion would be one full of sorrow, fans were delighted when he began to proclaim his gratitude and appreciation for the world’s continuous support.

“I am happy to have been given the opportunity to be here tonight to say thank you for this amazing award that you have rewarded Tim and Sandro and to everyone of you who have voted for ‘Without You,’ an amazing song. [….] But also, and perhaps foremost to say thank you for all and every amazing tribute you have given Tim and his music. From all his fans and others, from churches, schools, festivals and so many more. It’s been almost incomprehensible and it has warmed our hearts, all of the family, during this hard time, so again a big thank you to everyone.”

The touching moment can be seen via the below clip at 2:44:55. Live performances are notorious for unplanned and unexpected situations, however, this special speech was one that, without any doubts, came from the heart.

We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Avicii, Sandro Cavazza and everyone else that worked closely on the epic track. To relieve the magic held within the piece, among other incredible related singles, listen below.