Alison Wonderland Takes Huge Loss After Wonderland Scarehouse Project Tour

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Alison Wonderland is known for unleashing some seriously epic projects in her native and stunning country of Australia, like when she assisted with a feel-good LGBTQ marriage proposal back in 2017 and her most recent series of shows ‘Wonderland Scarehouse Project‘ tour.

This particular tour was one of her biggest tasks to date as she joined forces with some of the biggest artists in the music industry including A$AP Ferg, Party Favor, and Lunice.

Although the tour seemed promising with the goal to showcase all of the artist’s favorite tracks and performing what they truly wanted, unfortunately the series of shows fell short when it came to their overall profits.

Taking the stages in warehouses in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, the ‘I Want U‘ producer and her friends were backed up by some of the best supporting cast in the industry. Although their team was strong, the tour suffered a significant loss affecting several different parties. Alison Wonderland, the investors, the promoters, and all of the other employees involved, are now dealing with the unexpected results.

To be specific, Wonderland Touring Pty, i.e. the company running the series of shows, now owe a whopping $776,000 to debtors. If that wasn’t shocking enough, they are now forced to liquidate as they have run out of other options.

Tireless efforts are continued to be made in order to settle outstanding supplier balances from the festival tour.

The festival tour as a whole incurred significant losses, due in large part to extreme weather the weekend of the VIC event resulting in relocation in just 24 hours. Liquidation of the company was actioned as a last resort and the only way the promoters and investors were able to move forward with the process of reimbursing affected parties.

The people who lost the most money in this situation are Alexandra Sholler (Alison Wonderland) and the other investors/promoters. She suffered a huge personal financial loss and has waived her claims in order to make sure other debtors receive more. Her team are very committed to continuing to work in assisting affected suppliers and the liquidator in recovering all outstanding monies to distribute accordingly.

Although this may seem like the end for our beloved 31-year-old, it is but a minor roadblock. Like anything, when debts are owed, they can be paid back. Time heals all and we can’t wait until Alison Wonderland can tour Australia once again! However, moving forward, the next series of shows will be in partnership with Secret Sounds. The future is bright, always!