Yultron Says New Skrillex Music Will Change the Game All Over Again

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We have recently reported that Skrillex has been busy creating some magic in the studio with Wuki; however, it seems as though the electronic dance music superstar has been juggling some other soon-to-be incredible projects, despite his months of silence. Yultron has recently shared that he had an almost spiritual awakening during his most recent visit with the American producer – check out why below.

The ‘Bangarang‘ legend is well-known for down-to-earth attitude and approachable vibes. It seems as though his army of dedicated followers aren’t the only ones that took notice as even his musical colleagues can’t praise his charming characteristics enough.

Los Angeles–born, Vegas–satelliting Yultron, has recently taken to his social media channels in order to confirm that new Skrillex music is on its way, not to mention how much he truly adores him as a person and musician. He stated,

[…] the new music is bout to change the game again, like he always does.

The ‘Love Inside‘ artist continued by praising the EDM legend by declaring how he looks up to him like a God.

Check out the full statement below:

We sure love our Skrilly too – we are pleased to see that he is still making such a big impact on others to this day; more importantly, we are counting down the days (even though there aren’t any confirmed dates) until we can finally hear the “inspiring” tracks.