WATCH: Richie Hawtin Explains CLOSE – His Immersive DJ Experience


Spontaneity and synchronicity: the two main ideas behind techno maven Richie Hawtin’s interactive show, CLOSE. Standing between two tables with computers, a mixing console and Ableton on one side, and a keyboard and modular synthesizer on the other, Hawtin explains his interactive setup in a new video. “A hybrid of analog and digital”, Richie refers to it as. The point of CLOSE is to create an immersive experience for the audience, positioning the tables in an open stance so that Richie’s movement is viewable to the audience.

“When I start a show, I have one or two songs that I load into the computer, I have nothing in the machine to play. It’s about me experimenting in front of you, seeing where I can take this.”

As if this concept isn’t innovative enough, during the show cameras are placed all around the CLOSE setup, catching Richie’s hands and movement. In the background, abstract visuals of Hawtin playing are then displayed on a screen behind him. You can catch a sample of what that looks like below.

Richie debuted CLOSE at Coachella last year, and again at Movement earlier this year. His next CLOSE tour dates are overseas, but we hope he brings this immersive experience stateside soon.