From First To Last (Skrillex) – Surrender

Before he became one of the most famous dubstep artists, Skrillex was part of the band From First To Last. Reuniting with them in June, they talked about creating a new song. From Sonny’s tweet below, that new song is here and it’s titled ‘Surrender‘.

Out now on the OWSLA label, this song is as rowdy and catchy as the band sounded at Emo Night in Los Angeles back in late 2017. With just as much teenage rage as ever, what do you think of Skrillex’s roots? Sometimes it’s nice to hear something new and 2000s emo rock is exactly what we need from him.

The song is available for free download. If that isn’t enticing enough, it features Sonny’s vocals. When FFTL hit record sales and successful tours, Moore suffered vocal problems. After receiving vocal surgery, he started his solo career that skyrocketed his electronic alter ego. That iconic screamer didn’t win 8 Grammys for nothing. Check out the cover art for the album: a digital, pastel lipstick applicator with cloud hearts coming from its top.

We had always heard Skrillex would make a comeback with his old band, we just didn’t know how. Well, this is it. Listen to the full song below!

From First to Last – Surrender | Buy/Stream