Armin van Buuren Collab with Alok & Vini Vici Gets Release Date

New Trance ‘ID’ Track

With heavy-hitting collaborations getting churned out left and right, Brazilian DJ Alok wanted to get in on the action. In his most recent Facebook post, Alok teases a new song with some big name players: Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici. In addition, the song will feature the vocals of Zafrir. With this teaser, it appears Alok is taking a dive back into his trance roots. The song is picking up steam in his live shows, and appears to be a festival moment waiting to happen.

He posted the short clip with the headline “Earthquake in America!” With the backing of top tier artists like AvB and Vini Vici, it would be a surprise not to hear this track frequently during Summer festival season.

The new track, which so far only has ‘ID’ status for it’s name, has been speculated on fan forums to be called either ‘Sahara’ or ‘Amazon.’ However, YouTube user Dener Alexsander posted the below video, which appears to be a live rendition of the track, with the track title ‘Unity.’

What do you think of this powerhouse team up?