Mysterious New Producer 1788-L Makes Live Debut at Brownies & Lemonade

Playing as a secret artist has been a popular trend amongst the dance music world. We’ve seen Malaa, Marshmello, Claptone and Daft Punk all pull off anonymous identities, but recently a new mysterious producer is catching our attention. Early this year, a producer under the alias 1788-L started releasing viral remixes one after another. His remixes of tracks by Virtual Self, 4AM, and Daft Punk spread like wildfire making everyone wonder who was behind the making of the bass-heavy bangers.

While the everyone on Reddit has been throwing out possibilities of who he could be, nothing about his identity has been revealed. What we were recently graced with was 1788-L’s live debut performance at a Brownies & Lemonade party this past weekend. Brownies & Lemonade (one of Los Angeles most influential event runners) is known for debuting many artists including Ekali, Jai Wolf, and Alexander Lewis, making it no surprise that 1788-L would be getting the same treatment.

A video snippet of the debut is posted below and features glitchy synths and heavy bass slightly reminiscent of Porter. Based on what’s been floating around about this artist, we are guaranteed to witness a unique new sound. 1788-L lies on the darker side of the sound spectrum and isn’t very melodic from what we’ve heard, however what’s guaranteed is he’ll bring plenty of head-banging music. Take a look at the video below and see what you think.

1788-L made his live debut last night at Brownies & Lemonade from r/electronicmusic