Yellow Claw & DJ Snake’s Brand New Collaboration Dropping This Friday

Moving on from Yellow Claw‘s debacle with their EDC Las Vegas special guest that killed the vibes of all witnessing the set, it seems we now have some better news to report on. This time around, regarding the group’s teased new upcoming collaboration.

It seems that french producer DJ Snake is teaming up with the duo to drop what could possibly be another banger.

Interestingly enough, fans on reddit pointed out that the new collaboration, “Public Enemy“, sounded like one that was previously worked on with Skrillex but now completed with DJ Snake. The original track worked on with Skrillex was to be titled “Rawhide“. For whatever reason, it had not been completed. When fans asked what came to be of the collab they mentioned that it had been passed off to another producer to finish.

This is what a snippet of the original collaboration with Skrillex found on Youtube sounded like.

This is what the completed version with DJ Snake will sound like. This was teased at this year’s EDC Las Vegas 2018 during the duo’s set.

It does seem to be the very same track indeed but, what do you think about the new upcoming track? Are you feeling it? Make sure to give it a listen when the full track drops this Friday on all music streaming platforms!