Various DJ’s Give Their Predictions On This Year’s FIFA World Cup 2018

It’s finally time for the FIFA World Cup 2018 to begin. It’s a spectacle that occurs every four years that brings together friends, families and many more to cheer on for their country. Even DJ’s are partaking in all of the fun as Billboard Dance caught up with some of dance music’s biggest names to get their predictions on who will take the cup home and which team they are rooting for!

Above & Beyond

I’m rooting for England and Belgium and Brazil in that order. I’m excited by the young England team and hope they play without fear and build some valuable experience for next time. I’m keen on Belgium as they have the two best premiership players (Eden Hazard and Kevin DeBruyne) plus a bunch of other prem stars and a coach I’ve always liked. I always enjoy watching Brazil, Willian is my favourite Chelsea player and they have the best football skills of any humans year after year.”

This is who he thought would be winning this year.

“I have no idea who will win but I’m looking forward to watching all the games. :)”


I’m rooting for Sweden, of course, since I’m Swedish. I like the team they have this year and I think they could definitely make some noise. Zlatan isn’t on the roster so they’ll have to find other ways to make up for his ability to score goals, but they can definitely make it out of the group, which is difficult because of Germany, and then anything can happen.

This is who he thought would be winning this year.

There are a lot of great teams, but I think Belgium could go far. They have great talent. Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne play with great flair and creativity and can make a lot of winning plays. There are a lot amazing players and there’s going to be a lot of special moments, as always.”

Anna Lunoe

Australia, Brazil and Nigeria! Australia because, duh, that’s my home and I pledge blind allegiance to the flag (and I’m visiting next month so will be fun to watch). Brazil because I was there for the last one and they are so passionate they won me over! And Nigeria because their kits are fashion inspo.

This is who she thought would be winning this year.

I wish it were Brazil, but my money is on Germany to win again.


I’m definitely first going to support the Russian national team, since it’s my home country. And even though they didn’t perform really well in the last few games, I do hope that home country walls are gonna help them to feel more confident.
I also really like the French team, there’s a lot of young and incredible talent in their squad, so it would be interesting to see how well they will perform.

This is who he thought would be winning this year.

I’d say, Germany, Spain or France — France for the reasons I mentioned before. Spain and Germany are well known for really strong players and performing well in every tournament they’ve participated in over the past decade.”


“I’m so disappointed that the US didn’t make it, so I’m still trying to decide who I should root for. I really fell in love with soccer when I was spending time abroad in Italy during college, so I would’ve probably rooted for Italy after the US, but the fact that neither teams made it this year is extremely disappointing. My tour manager is from London so he’s going to force me to cheer for England.”

This is who he thought would be winning this year.

I feel like Germany or Spain have a good shot to win every World Cup.

Nicky Romero

I’m a Dutch national team fan and am really disappointed they didn’t qualify so I’ll just enjoy the competition rooting for an exhilarating spectacle.

Here is who he thought would be winning this year.

I think Brazil has a good chance. Neymar Jr. was killing it recently. Argentina has a good chance as well because Messi was playing very well although I think Argentina is less cooperative as a team unlike Brazil which seems to be a well-oiled machine. I think Brazil is gonna get it this year.”

Nina Las Vegas

THE PHARAOHS, EGYPT. Although Australia’s Socceroos have qualified and I’m super keen to see them go well, my Egyptian heritage has me sooooooo excited to see Egypt in the World Cup for the first time in 28 years! Mohamed Salah is the world’s best right now and after that nasty shoulder injury picked up in the Champions League final, it’s such a relief to see the “Egyptian King” touchdown in Russia.

Here is who she thought would be winning it this year.

The big players represent some big teams. Les Bleus have Pogba, Messi’s Argentina should do well and the Neymar-led Brazil are clear favs, however if Mo Salah is in form, he’ll have every single Egyptian on his side! It’s a long shot, but you gotta have faith!

Paul Van Dyk

Of course I will support my home team Germany, but also Colombia as my wife is from there. Let’s just hope they don’t have to play against each other..

Here is who he thought would be winning this year.

I do believe the Brazilians seem to be up for the task. I saw a few games of their’s lately and they seem to be in a different league this year.”

Robin Schulz

Germany. This is my home and I will always support them.

Here is who he thought would be winning it this year.

Germany of course! The strength is that we do not have one single star – it is team work! The whole team is important and that will be the key to success.

That being said who are you guys rooting to take the cup home this year?