Tritonal & Apek- Just Like You ft. Meron Ryan


Tritonal & Apek- Just Like You ft. Meron Ryan

Tritonal has paired up with APEK on their newest track “Just Like You”.

This new single has a euphoric, melodic dubstep sound, with incredibly soft vocals from Meron Ryan. The drop is intoxicating, giving off feel-good vibes. Indulge yourself into the euphoric sounds with short explosions of heavy drops.

Now that summer is right around the corner, the release of “Just Like You” is a perfect choice to blast in your car with the windows down. Sing your hearts out and catch the feels for the invigorating sounds. 

On tour for their ’10 Years of Enhanced Tour’, you are bound to catch Tritonal play a few versions of their new hit. 

Along with their beautiful music, their production has hypnotized thousands of fans. Their visuals and lighting go above and beyond- making this an entertaining experience! Check the list below for a show near you! Don’t miss out!

10 Years of Enhanced Tour: Tickets Here

6/16: Montreal, QC

6/29: New York, NY

6/30: Tampa: FL

7/7: Honolulu, HI

7/13: Kansas City, MO

7/14: St. Charles, MO

7/20: Dallas, TX

7/21: Houston, TX

8/3: Atlanta, GA

8/11: Miami, FL

8/24: Chicago, IL

8/25: Charlotte, NC