Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act


Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act

There are few things better than new music, and today we bring you just that. Los Angeles-born & Tokyo-based DJ and producer Tha Boogie Bandit teams up with Jilla and Rico Act to bring us their track ‘Sabotage’. Sabotage is a festival trap track featuring a wide range of unique sounds. Keen listeners may recognize Rico Act on the vocals, as he was featured on Riot Ten‘s smash hit “Rail Breaker”.

Sabotage starts fast with a stuttering effect paired with a sweep and some white noise. The vocals then come in and are immediately followed by some brass stabs. The drums enter, and its at this point that a snare begins to build, leading us into the first drop. At 0:51, we get the first drop and its one that you would definitely hear blaring at your nearest festival. Between the bass, the lead, the lyrics, and the percussive pattern, it’s hard to chose which is our favorite. All of the different elements come together exceptionally well.

After the drop, the song continues on to give us some party hard vocals, courtesy of Rico Act. Rico delivers some fun, hard hitting, sensical lyrics that may actually get you rapping along after a listen or two.

Sabotage is out now, and is available as a free download.

Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act | DOWNLOAD