[WATCH] New Tchami x Malaa Video for ‘Kurupt’ Features Drake, Kanye, and…Ashton Kutcher?

Well, sort of. Tchami x Malaa have released a new music video for their ultimate dance floor hit ‘Kurupt.’ The song comes as part of the duo’s No Redemption collaboration that has been infamously storming stages at Ultra and EDC. The video’s plot brings an entertaining angle to the already-bumping track, as it follows the world of celebrities being stalked by paparazzi. It’s no surprise to see mega-stars like Kanye West, Drake, and Ashton Kutcher all appear throughout the video as part of its plot.

The video splices clips of celebrity moments where they are at odds with paparazzi following them. The video also shows clips of Justin Bieber, Russell Brand, and other various musicians and celebrities dealing with the hassle. Most of the clips depict these celebrities freaking out on – and even hitting – paparazzi. It provides an apt social commentary on our obsession with celebrity life, all the while the thumping beat of ‘Kurupt’ plays.

Tchami x Malaa are sending a message with this one, and don’t care who they offend in the process. Checkout all the celebrity cameos below, along with the official music video for ‘Kurupt.’