Movement 2018 – Sounds of Detroit Splice Sample Pack

Movement 2018 – Sounds of Detroit Splice Sample Pack

Through the use of the iPhone voice memo app and pocket recorders, musical ideas and sounds can be captured instantaneously. Given the age of technology today, anything that can make a sound can be used to create music.

Wielded with field recorders and a knowledge of the land, Detroit legends Shigeto and Wajeed set off into the city to capture sounds. Whether it was recording the sound of a dumpster lid in an alleyway or recording the process of a record being pressed, Shigeto and Wajeed sought out to find sounds that inspired them.

After acquiring the sounds, artists from the Movement 2018 lineup were asked to come in and transform the sounds into unique samples, which is now available on Splice Sounds.

Artists who contributed to the pack include: Andrés, Mark Flash, Ectomorph, Blake Baxter, Shady P, Delano Smith, Black Noi$e, Kweku Saunderson, Antenes, Marco Shuttle, MGUN, Chuck Daniels, Milan Ariel, Gene Farris, The Saunderson Brothers, Marshall Applewhite, Mija, John Dixon & Chris Koltay.

All proceeds from the pack will be donated to Seraphine Collective and Spin, Inc, two organizations fostering development in the music scene in Detroit.

You can download the pack here.