One Death Reported At Lightning In A Bottle 2018

It is with great sadness that we have to report one death following the Lightning in a Bottle 2018 music festival about two weeks ago. The festival took place in Lake San Antonio, Bradley, California. Twin Cities Hospital pronounced 23 year old Tyler Schripsema after being taken in for suffering a swimming-related accident at the festival.

San Luis Obispo officials have not revealed any other details surrounding this tragic incident. The SLO County Coroner’s Office is currently handling an autopsy for official results. It seems likely that the boy died from an injury to his spinal column, as the initial autopsy indicated.  “I don’t know if he fell and hit his head,” his mother, Lisa Schripsema commented. Could this have been a freak accident?

For those who have never attended LIB before, it is a place designed, built and curated based on ethos. It centers around sustainability. Their goal to reduce harm, promote cultural respect and create an environment of extraordinary experiences has been their guiding principle from the beginning. It’s a unique festival where it is a drug-free event like most, but they know that despite this law of the land, people still do drugs. Instead of prohibiting, they work with several partner organizations to practice safety and inform their guests. Keeping attendees happy inside and out of the Medical tent is their main goal.

Schripsema is the second death at LIB in two years. He had just graduated from CSU Stanislaus three days prior to his passing. However, the festival and its promoter, Do LaB, have yet to comment on the passing. They already face a lawsuit of denied medical attention from last year. The first recorded death came from a 20 year old girl dying after taking LSD.

The thing is, you think you have time. As much fun as music festivals are, we need to look our for each other. The tents, rangers and medical team are there for a reason.