Martin Garrix feat. Khalid – Ocean

Martin Garrix feat. Khalid – Ocean

Khalid‘s takeover of the music world has only intensified from his multiple collaborations that experiment with artists across multiple genres. His tracks with EDM giants like Calvin Harris and Marshmello have helped propel him into the electronic music sphere. This even earned him a spot on EDC’s 2018 lineup. Unfortunately for us that performance didn’t pan out, but Khalid is still a remarkable artist whose talents mesh effortlessly into electronic music. And Martin Garrix seems to thinks so too.

His newest release “Ocean” features the soulful singer serenading us with moving lyrics and a slow-driven beat. Martin has recently been churning out more pop-infused love ballads that feature popular vocalists singing about love and heartbreak.

The production provides a mellow backdrop for Khalid’s buttery vocals to take front and center while the rest of the song melts into oblivion. This track, as poppy as it may sound, is undeniably beautiful. But quite frankly, if we listened to this track blindly we would have probably guessed it’s just another Khalid song.

Martin’s production is most definitely downplayed in this, but that might just be the point of it all. At the end of the day, it’s a beautiful thing to see artists work to evolve and grow their sound. Especially when a beautiful track evolves from it.

You can listen to “Ocean” below.