Google Pixel 3: Everything We Know So Far

Okay, Pixel lovers, the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is expected to launch later this fall, and we want to catch you up on what to expect. We’ve included all leaks, rumors, renderings, and reports from the past year. While there have been many leaks exposing the smartphone, it’s still possible for design and spec changes between now and launch day. Below, we’re going to talk about the Design, Camera, Processor, & Prices of the new Pixel lineup.


With dramatically new designs in mind compared to previous Pixel models, we aren’t 100% sure what the phones will look like. Back in 2017 four code names: “Albacore”, “Blueline”, and “Crosshatch”, made by Google, were found online. If Google has 4 different models planned, they could all be released at different times this year. There are also many options Google has regarding the display and backing of the device. The near edge to edge display will still have the bottom “chin” and one more thing…

The Notch! Sorry, Pixel fans, but now the Pixel 3 may look just like the iPhone X. New leaks from earlier this month revealed photos of a Pixel prototype with a notch.  If you’re fine with the notch on the iPhone X, then you should be fine with this notch. According to Bloomberg, the larger Pixel 3 XL model will have the notch, while the regular model will maintain a normal screen.

If Google keeps a split matte metal and glass back to the phone, wireless charging will be impossible. If they upgrade the Pixel with an all-glass backing, wireless charging can easily be added. In today’s world, wireless charging is a big must-have, kind of like the dying headphone jack. Speaking of the headphone jack, we can expect Google to also leave it out of its new design.


Google has been praised by its single lens camera system and is most likely to stick with it this year instead of following the dual-lens trend most phones have today. Fortunately, Google has been able to make up for its single-lens camera with powerful software.

On the other hand, Bloomberg predicts that the new Pixels will incorporate a dual-camera system on the front of the phone. This could lead to wide-angle shots and portrait shots that will certainly help your selfie game.


All eyes are on Google to install a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor for each of the Pixel devices. Basically, this is a 7nm that is much faster and 30 percent more efficient than last years. Qualcomm has also increased video recording to Ultra-HD and added many AI improvements.

Additionally, Google may increase the RAM from 4GB to 6GB, but storage will stick to 64GB and 128GB. There are also rumors that suggest the interactive edges will continue on the new Pixel models. Interactive edges allow users to perform tasks by squeezing the phone. Lastly, the fingerprint scanner is likely to remain on the back of the device, not under the screen like Apple intended to do.


Apple took a huge leap with the iPhone X, pricing a cell phone for well over $1,000. This year, Apple is looking to put out a more affordable smartphone but Google will have to strategically price their devices to keep up. If Google releases a Pixel and Pixel XL device, it is estimated that the standard Pixel will be priced around $750 and XL around $850. Obviously, higher storage and memory options will have a higher price tag.

Last year, Google priced their 128GB Pixel 2 XL for $950 so it’s possible they may even price their phones over $1,000 this year. For color, we don’t expect any new color options from Google. What are your thoughts so far on the Pixel lineup? Stay tuned for any updates leading up to an exciting reveal this October!