Excision’s Set Was So Filthy a Grown Man Pooped Himself

Looks like Excision’s set wasn’t the only filthy thing that happened at the BassPod this year. Those who have an appreciation for all that is dubstep know that Excision is, well, the shit. Two weeks ago at EDC Las Vegas, one man gave a whole new meaning to the idiom. A user on Reddit recounts the moment that Excision literally made a fan poop in his pants.

Shitty Experience during Excisions Basepod set from electricdaisycarnival

And just when you think you’ve heard all the stories of debauchery that take place at a festival, someone shits their pants to the sweet sounds of dubstep. We have so many questions. Was the drop really so mind blowing that he just lost all control of his bodily functions? If that was the case, we ask for the song ID, you know, for a friend. Was he hydrated? Is he okay? We may never know what happened to our unfortunate friend, but one thing we know for sure, if Excision can make a grown man crap himself, he is doing something right.