A Weekend In Our Own Fairytale Escape [Ever After Music Festival Event Review]

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Kitchener, Ontario’s Ever After Music Festival was truly a page taken from a fairytale. If you’re curious about the magic that filled throughout the festival grounds on June 8 to 10, 2018, you’re definitely going to want to check this out!

Although the small city in southeastern Ontario is known for their universities and beautiful landscape, Ever After has quickly become one of the most sought out music festival destinations in all of Canada.

After experiencing the event for ourselves, we can absolutely see why people from all over the world are flocking to this undeniably incredible fest’.

With a wide range of activities and a seriously killer lineup, we couldn’t hold back our excitement, and had to try it all!

The waterpark offered a great alternative to your typical grounds, i.e. just the stages, and due to the overcast weather, there weren’t any lineups. It was a splashing experience!


If waterslides weren’t your cup of tea, partygoers had the opportunity to try out a vast array of games such as Twister, Bubble Soccer – we had a good laugh seeing people get propelled through the air after colliding with their opponents, baseball, basketball, diverse and typical carnival games, among much more! The best part was the fact that all of the games were included with the purchase of a General Admission wristband.

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Some may be thinking, but how can it get any better than that? When continuing our adventure, we came across one of the best discoveries of the weekend: the Ferris Wheel facing the main stage.

Fast forward to Illenium‘s breathtaking and memorable set, we rode the Ferris Wheel to the top and watched the magic unfold. The view from the top allowed us to see the thousands of attendees dancing the night away, the impeccable art displays, and the astonishing production of lasers and lights. We can’t express how perfect that moment was – add it to your bucket list next year, ravers, the view from the top and exceptional mixed melodies are the perfect combination. Simply Bliss.


Speaking of remarkable sets, Pendulum DJ Set was so fantastic, that we almost had to check our pulses to see if we were still alive. Their hardstyle beats and captivating productions were the buzz while attendees made their way home (or to the after-parties). If this is any indication as to what else is to come, we will be counting down the days!

There were so many notable elements that made the festival one of the remember, like the delicious food (deep fried Oreos have forever changed our lives and the corn dogs were gigantic), camping, the long list of vendors that were selling some seriously special items, the very well-priced merchandise booth, etc. … but alas, we have to save some surprises for next year.

Unfortunately, it’s now time to get back to reality and to put our fairytale land to rest. However, we will be looking forward to next year’s adventure and can’t wait to see what else the fest’ will have in store.