EDM Songs Launched into Outer Space

EDM Songs Launched Into Outer Space
If sometimes you feel that nobody shares your taste in music, don’t worry – aliens might. Last month, a group of researchers have sent 35 EDM songs into outer space, hoping that they will reach some intelligent alien life. The project is carried out by Sónar Music Festival, the Catalonia Institute of Space Studies, and METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International. There is no doubt that it brings us just a little closer in the search for other species, and helps us sharing the Earth’s culture with our extraterrestrial cousins.

The songs along with facts about our planet, our history and the human race, have been sent entirely in binary code to Luyten’s Star b, a planet that orbits Luyten’s Star, which is a red dwarf 14 light-years from Earth. Of course, Luyten’s Star b has not been randomly selected. It has been chosen because it’s located at a certain distance from its sun that would ultimately enable it to host life. In other words, in the event that aliens actually do exist, it’s highly probable they would be there.

Travelling time and outer space is not a fast thing to do though, and it would take at least 12 years for our tunes to reach Luyten’s Star b, plus other 12 years for us to receive a response. So while we wait, you might want to check out Creamfields‘ latest spaceship-like stages. The future is now.