Dua Lipa Reveals Mystery Behind Enormous Promo at Tomorrowland

Dua Lipa has been quickly become one of the biggest stars in pop music over the past year. After collaborating with and having her songs remixed by many A-list DJs, it comes as no surprise when she was added onto Tomorrowland‘s lineup back in February. Now, as Tomorrowland is less than a month away promotions for artists on its lineup are coming through full force. These promos include Dua Lipa who had pictures surface of a gigantic painting of her on Tomorrowland’s main stage area.

We now know that the painting was not a painting but is actually a combination of stencils. The final product is a chalk circle created with 168 stencils, 114 spray cans, 162 working hours equaling to 1080 square meters of artwork and one huge promotional piece.

Dua Lipa recently tweeted a video of the artwork with the announcement of her performing at Tomorrowland on July 21. You can take a look at the promo video above and watch the creation of the piece below.