Gareth Emery Announces the Return of CVNT5

If you’ve been a fan of 
Gareth Emery at any point in the past few years, then you have most likely heard of his silly side project CVNT5 with Ashley Wallbridge. Yesterday Emery took to Facebook to give an update on his well received side project, addressing why we haven’t heard anything from CVNT5 recently. He explained that there were many conflicts emerged stemming from various issues and conflicts throughout the production of episodes, but the news remained positive. Aside from the drama that may have occurred on set, Gareth ensures fans that CVNT5 is back, and will be brought to our homes on June 28th as an eight episode TV series.

The Beginning of an Era

In 2016 Emery paired up with Ashley Wallbridge to form what may be the best satirical take on the music industry. CVNT5 focuses on two young bedroom DJ’s who produce a track together that explodes into the next festival anthem. Mocking how many in the industry behave when becoming a producer goes to their heads, Emery and Wallbridge hold nothing back. After the music video dropped, CVNT5 exploded amongst the fans of both DJs. According to Emery’s Facebook post “Our first music video went crazy. Fans started turning up to gigs in gold jackets.” Fans are curious to see what Gareth and Ashley bring to the table when the series releases this June but one thing is for sure, it will bring us a ton of laughs.

Check out Emery’s Facebook post and the original CVNT5 music video below: