New Apple Music Widget Allows Music Streaming in Web Browser

Recently, Apple had held their WWDC Conference and with it came a whole bunch of new news relating to various topics. It included the unveiling of the new iOS 12 and it’s new Memojis to the new software update for Macs with Mojave, however there is a cool new little feature that may have snuck by involving Apple Music.

There is a brand new update to the MusicKit developer software that would allow developers to generate a embedded widget for subscribers to enjoy the full streaming of any album right from your web browser as opposed to just being limited to iTunes.

While the single player doesn’t allow full access to the complete Apple Music library, it does feature a pause & play button, a progress bar, and skip controls. Previously, the widget was only limited to streaming 30 second clips of tracks and albums. It simply requires the sign in of an active Apple Music subscriber and access to full tracks and albums are available without leaving the web page.

Feel free to check out the neat widget in action below!