Andrew Rayel feat. HALIENE- In The Dark

in the darkAndrew Rayel feat. HALIENE- In The Dark

Nothing quite compares to uplifting trance. When you get euphoric chords and melodies alongside angelic vocals, the result is usually an inspiring track fans can’t get enough of. The combination of Andrew Rayel and HALIENE produced just that. They collabed on a new song titled ‘In The Dark’ that is simply gorgeous. HALIENE seems to have risen to the forefront of trance vocalists, and this song is a prime example of why.

‘In The Dark’ has everything you want in a trance tune. You’ll hear vibrant chords in the background, as HALIENE’s beautiful vocals stand out in the front. The lyrics are mesmerizing and uplifting. Andrew Rayel brings in energetic chords that take you into the buildup. At the climax, HALIENE’s vocals cue the drop and the result is pure energy radiating through the speakers. This track is seriously on a level of its own. Check out Andrew Rayel and HALIENE’s new track ‘In The Dark’ below.