AJ Salvatore Returns With Mesmerizing Single “Alone”

Rising indie electronic artist AJ Salvatore presents his latest release, “Alone” a melodic new single that features the vocals of Harley Bird and Valentina Franco.

What begins with a subtle phone call quickly gives way to a track that leads Valentina’s sincere voice to effortlessly layer over the piano chords. The refreshing song structure also brings in Harley Bird, as both him and Valentina progress the track into a harmonious crescendo. The song comes from personal experiences as the singers reflect on their own sentiments of loneliness. “Alone” also holds a variety of textures, from crisp percussions to a feathery guitar.

“Alone carries a lot of emotion with it and is open enough to have listeners relate easily”
-AJ Salvatore

“Alone” only continues to fuel AJ Salvatore’s growing success. The now-Orlando-based artist holds an extensive musical background, from being involved in music at a young age playing drums, bass, and piano. Now pursuing a solo career in the electronic music scene, AJ Salvatore is accredited with high energy performances, playing alongside acts such as SNBRN, Carnage, and Dirty South. Previous releases such as “Better (feat. Bri Tolani)” charted #19 on the US Viral 50, #21 in the Global Viral 50, and was highly charted in Singapore and Taiwan.

With his ability to write addicting melodies and spotlight unique vocalists, AJ Salvatore continues to shape a remarkable approach to indie pop.

Give the track a listen below!

AJ Salvatore – Alone