Wuki Releases Re-edit of ‘She Got Some’ feat. Jay Davi, on New Label Wukileaks

Wuki She Got Some (feat. Jay Davi)

Wuki – She Got Some (feat. Jay Davi)

Two years ago Denver-based producer Wuki gave us a genre-bending song release, ‘She Got Some’ featuring Jay Davi, the perfect blend of booty tech, dubstep, and trap that quickly became one of his most popular hits. Now, Wuki is throwing it back by giving us a free download of the reprise of this beloved club banger.

The original track has clear influences from the underground Detroit dance scene, using breaks and fast paced drum work while Jay Davi’s vocals give the song an added heat that hypes up the listener. Injected with extra bass and trap and two insane drops, the ‘She Got Some’ reprise amps up the energy and is a throwback suited for the craziest of parties. This track is guaranteed to make your booty shake ten times harder. Stream Wuki’s reprise of ‘She Got Some’ below: