Watch Above & Beyond Perform An Acoustic Rendition Of “Sun & Moon” At The Hollywood Bowl

Above & Beyond have become accustomed to putting on some of the best shows. They always drop tracks that pull you in and get you singing your hearts out. But an Above & Beyond:Acoustic show is on a whole different level. So far the group has embarked on two separate tours for their Acoustic performance counterpart. Both times tickets have sold out and fans are given a special treat to remember.

Above & Beyond now want fans around the world to have the opportunity to see what one of their acoustic shows look like with the release of their film, Giving Up The Day Job. The film covers the entire performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA and takes you into the point of view of not only the fans but the performers as well including the group.

The group have now given fans who haven’t had the opportunity to watch the film a special treat on Youtube. They have uploaded the acoustic performance of one of their most beloved songs, Sun and Moon’, live at the Hollywood Bowl and it is truly amazing. Cobi takes the lead on vocals as the group and the rest of the performers accompany him on a beautiful presentation.

While the clip is only 5 minutes long, the amount of emotion seen throughout the video is so much more. Fans are seen holding hands, singing their hearts out and truly living in the moment. Even the group and the performers are shown partaking happily in the special moment.

Make sure to give the clip below a watch. Get ready to witness some magic that the group worked so hard on making a reality.