The Incredible Impact That EDC Las Vegas Has On Local Economy

 Events has always been about positive change since its inception. Affecting the lives of their beloved attendees through music, art, and love to the continual growth of the Charitable Giving Initiative, it’s no wonder these festivals have had such an amazing impact on us. Did you know that the Insomniac festivals also impact the local host communities economically? They generate taxes, revenue and much more, making quite an impressionable mark on them.

According to a comprehensive data study by Beacon Economics, LLC, Electric Daisy Carnival generated an incredible $1.3 billion for the local economy. It is North America’s largest dance music festival–attracting more than 1.7 million fans to Las Vegas since its debut in 2011. EDCLV boosted the Clark County economy by $350.3 million in 2015. That’s over 405,000 attendees across three days! A total of 3,270 full-time jobs and $141.3 million generated in 2015, effectively increasing labor income for Clark County workers.

“…In just five years, our Headliners have helped us generate more than $1.3 billion back to Las Vegas…,” Insomniac CEO and Founder Pasquale Rotella states.

Each year, the festival brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to Las Vegas. Many don’t even have a ticket but still want to experience the destination during EDC Week. It just goes to show that from EDC to the overall appeal of Las Vegas, the week leading up to it is truly an experience to be had by all. This is something no other town can offer.

A crafty info-graphic is available below for a financial breakdown of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas from 2011-2015.

While dancing in the desert and increased ticket prices may seem outrageous, remember that it is part of something greater. Every time you dance Under the Electric Sky, you make the world a happier place.