[WATCH] Skrillex Performs Set Full of IDs at FORM Arcosanti

While the focus of the dance music world is squarely on EDC Vegas this weekend, under the radar one of the biggest legends in the game made his return to scene. Skrillex has been very quiet the past year or so, only playing some isolated club sets. One of the only festivals he has played recently is Arizona’s FORM Arcosanti, which he returned to last night.

Luckily for us, one of Skrilly’s devoted fans recorded the entire set with surprisingly amazing audio quality. The set kicks off with a mostly bass house vibe, but it also includes a slew of ID tracks that have us begging for more. Being as we havent seen Sonny on the festival scene in a while, it’s interesting to see how his set style has changed a bit. Check out the full set below while you still can.