Ørjan Nilsen Showcases His Multifaceted Talent with Prism [Album Review]


Ørjan Nilsen – Prism

Ørjan Nilsen is heralded across the globe as one of the Trance scene’s most successful artists in recent years. The Norwegian superstar officially released his third studio album, ‘Prism’, and its certainly the best of his career thus far.

After releasing ‘In My Opinion’ & its successor ‘No Saint Out Of Me’ in 2011 and 2013 respectively, Nilsen made up for a four year hiatus from studio albums with thirteen absolute gems. He is known for blazing his own path to success, creating a signature sound that was clearly evident in the first two albums. This unique style is also evident in the first third of ‘Prism’ but this new album stands out in its wide ranging style of music. Tracks like ‘The Last Goodbye’ (feat. Matluck), ‘Hi There Radio (Feat. Mike James), and ‘Million Miles Away’ are three excellent examples of vocal Trance. Meanwhile, Ørjan flexes his firepower in the Big Room Trance tracks ‘Swoosh’ and ‘Navigator’.

The release of this album is perfect timing with the plethora of summer shows coming up. It is easy to handpick a number of tracks featured on ‘Prism’ for any type of summer set, whether jamming the vocal infused songs on the beach or closing a late night set with ‘I See Spots‘. Many of these tracks are fantastic. For example, ‘Hi There Radio’ and ‘Million Miles Away’ garnered massive support upon their early releases. However, apart from these we have to give special recognition to Simulator’. This track is unforgettable and will be played for ages to come.

Although the album has a wide range of songs, its great to see Nilsen premier heavy hitting tracks throughout. Ørjan is always appreciate for his lively sets, energizing the crowd with every tune. Listening to this album from beginning to end brings backs memories of some of his epic sets, and makes you look forward to the next festival he’ll be featuring at.

Ørjan Nilsen:

“I have always been a very brave kind of producer;I’ve experimented and tried different styles, genres and techniques. No matter how much I love DJing,I will always be a producer first and I will never stop transcending the barriers of music production. This is what ‘Prism’is all about.It’s about exploring different points of view, different perceptions. Prisms have the unique ability to reflect light and disperse darkness into color, and that’s exactly what I do through music; I express my feelings and my thoughts. I disperse the darkness, turn negatives into colors and reflect the light. Or at least,I try to. ‘Prism’is a combination of the many stories I have and want to share with you. Singles do not create a storyline, so it was only natural to weave them into an album, which I will be releasing in two parts.”


  1. Swoosh (Intro Mix)
  2. That One Night
  3. Hi There Radio (Been Too Long) (feat. Mike James)
  4. Iconic
  5. In A Thousand Ways (feat. Rykka)
  6. Million Miles Away (feat. Rico)
  7. Navigator
  8. Craziness
  9. The Last Goodbye (feat. Matluck)
  10. I See Spots
  11. Simulator
  12. Drowning (feat. IDA)
  13. Nothing Here But Love