Newman Releases The Long Journey EP on All Day I Dream

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Newman- The Long Journey EP

Nobody throws a better day party than the guys on the label All Day I Dream. Their mellow melodies and bobbing grooves make all of their artists very easy to listen to in any situation. Their latest release is a three-track EP called ‘The Long Journey’ by none other than New York based producer Newman. You can find both the shortened mixes and their accompanying extended mixes on the embed link below.

This EP has a little bit of everything for anyone obsessed with melodies and atmospheres. Dreamy chord progressions and slowly evolving harmonies made up the backbone of ‘Where The Leaves Fall’. A four bar movement on a low sitting Rhodes keyboard slowly builds on itself into a torrent of ethereal melodies.

‘The Long Journey‘ is a percussion-driven track with a brilliant drifting vocal. The simple rolling bass line leaves all the attention to the whirling melodies going on over the top. The drawn out arrangement gives enough space for every melodic element to have their chance to shine, with their long progressions making sure you never loose your local.

‘Breath Of The Souls’ is a bit more club centric. The driving bass and more aggressive tones stand in contrast to the melancholic tracks that came before. A light worldly vocal works its way into the progressions as well, keeping each section sounding fresh. The track comes together with a sitar melody filtering its way into the mix throughout the back half of the song.