KhoMha – Elementos EP


KhoMha – Elementos EP

Today sees the highly anticipated release of KhoMha’s Elementos EP on Armada Records. The Columbian dynamo has received huge support from label boss Armin Van Buuren, pumping his tunes regularly. On ASOT 865, KhoMha was in the studio for a short live set to promote his album. The prolific DJ frequently takes to social media to share live streams of his musical creations. With the final releases of ‘Aether‘ and ‘Exodus,’ his masterpiece is finally complete. The EP’s theme may be a tip of the cap to Gaia’s 2000 release ‘4 Elements.’

All six tracks blend together seamlessly, with the meat of the album sharing the “elements” theme as titles. All the element tracks involves a sound bite of the featured title. ‘Aether’ provides a wonderful intro track to the album, floating in with some beautiful synth work. ‘Tierra‘ provides a beautiful uplifting melody with a truly dulcet rise and fall. The track ‘Aire‘ provides a more accessible beat for the average listener, utilizing a lovely piano breakdown.

Taking a darker turn, ‘Fuego‘ is a shot of adrenaline in a song. A very deep bass line with some sharp turns, it has been lighting up dance floors for months. ‘Agua‘ begins with a storm, and brings a chaotic vibe to the album. A signature siren excels the urgency in this track before a rainy conclusion. The concluding track ‘Exodus‘ provides an ominous bookend to the EP.

You can catch the “bola de fuego” at the State of Trance 850 celebration in Poland. His live sets are all rise, and he commands the crowd with an infectious energy. He looks to be rounding into form with this release. Check out KhoMha’s Elementos EP below on Spotify.