Kenny G Performs Live with Ookay at EDC Las Vegas

Iconic Sax Player Performs Live Solo at EDC Last Vegas

Always one for the theatrics, San Diego’s finest Ookay pulled another rabbit out of the hat during his Saturday set at EDC Las Vegas. While performing a live set at the Cosmic Meadow stage, Ookay brought out famed saxophone player Kenny G to help perform his hit single “Thief.”

The live set featured live vocals from Ookay himself, drums, a synth piano guitar, and much more. The set was truly taken to the next level by the appearance of Kenny G, who some say stole the show. Ookay has featured his live sets at various festivals, including Life in Color, Sunset Music Festival, and many others.

While EDC featured some other epic cameos from Aloe Blacc and many others, nobody will forget the curly-haired maestro and his melting sax solo in the early morning hours. To view the legendary moment, checkout the video below.