Tokimonsta, Marques Wyatt, Tara Brooks And More Are Hitting Genius Loci This Year

Genius Loci is back with a bang this year, as the first lineup announcement for the summer event hit today featuring the likes of Lonely Boy, Tara Brooks, KMLN, Marques Wyatt, Tokimonsta and more.

The festival, which takes over a secluded bluff area of Baja Mexico from June 21-25th, boasts an array of activities for a tight-knit community of attendees. The event has been in existence for six years and grown into an eclectically unique experience, with music, yoga, surfing and much more.

In regards to the intentions for this year’s event, one thing is clear: female artists are exploding into the spotlight in the best possible way. Co-founder Henry Pope commented:

“This year is really about two things. We want to bring together a wide lineup of amazing music, but we also want to showcase female headliners as a living tribute to all the badass musicians who ever had to answer antiquated interview questions about ‘what it’s like to be a girl in the music industry’. This year Genius Loci is here to reset the status quo. We’re here to prove the future is female.”

Find the full lineup for Genius Loci below!