First Responders & FBI Prepare for EDC Weekend

EDC is just around the corner and to prepare for the onslaught of rowdy festivalgoers, Las Vegas first responders have been meticulously training and coordinating with community partners and FBI to ensure the weekend runs safely and smoothly.

The massive festival will be the first large-scale event that the Community Ambulance will be working with since the tragedy that unfolded at Route 91 Harvest Festival back in September. 58 people were killed when a gunman opened gunfire from the post of his hotel room window at the adjacent Mandalay Hotel.

Since then, the deadliest US mass shooting has been seen as a wake up call for Las Vegas law enforcement to create stronger security measures and quite literally prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Glen Simpson, the Special Events Manager for Community Ambulance describes working the EDC weekend as them “literally providing services for a small city.”

The massive-scale of attendees will surely prove a challenge for police units and security personnel but Glen reiterates his confidence for the weekend, “We believe at the end of the day, should we be faced with any incident or issue then we’re prepared for it.” He continues, “We’re one big family and we’re here to support each other and we look forward to a very successful event and we couldn’t do it without our community partners out there.”

We’re very grateful for the first responder units, security and transportation personnel, and countless others who are tirelessly working around the clock to bring us a safe and exciting experience under the electric sky. Have fun, stay safe and party responsibly at this year’s EDC Vegas.