Director of Avicii Documentary Shares Heartfelt Story

Director of the touching Avicii documentary True Stories, Levan Tsikurishvili was one of Tim’s closest friends. The director traveled with Avicii, documenting nearly everything the icon did. During the course of production, this created a bond between the two making him the closest individual outside of his family to truly know and see Tim for who he truly was. Of course, after Avicii’s passing Levan hasn’t stayed quiet and was in fact one of the first to immediately give his condolences to his family.

A Lemur and a Swede

On May 8th, Levan shared a touching story of a Lemur that had bit Tim during one of their many travels. After detailing the the following events in which Tim defended the lemur’s actions claiming it’s innocent, he begins to explain the love and humanity that strongly lived within him.You introduced me to a world that did not exist for me before our paths crossed again and I have you to thank for many things I still do today.” the director expresses. Levan reveals how their relationship has pushed them to pursue their goals and discover new ways to better themselves. For someone so close to share with us the compassion and sincerity he had witnessed in Bergling will leave many heart warmed.

Check out Levan’s post below:

Writing this to you feels unreal; like a never-ending nightmare or a terrible joke. You were, and always will be the most intelligent and loyal person I’ve ever got to know in this superficial industry. An industry that was not smart enough for you and that never really understood who you were. I admire and will severely miss your genuine and humble behavior, which I’ve never seen in any other person. Never did I see you judge a person based on the opinion of others, and never did you let others judge someone that wasn’t there in person to defend themselves. These are few of many things that always pops up in my head when I'm thinking of you. Never forgetting moments like when a Lemur bit your finger in Madagascar in the middle of the jungle, and you almost passed away of pain while you were plaster your finger with the leaves. But you still wanted to protect the Lemur and argued with me; "brysh, he is not aggressive, he just thought my finger was a part of the food I gave him, it's not his fault." I'm so thankful for everything we went through together, everything you did for me, everything you taught me by your actions, every single work we did together, all the WEEK-long creative conversations we used to have and fights that always used to end up in something great, epic nights, endless laughs, the documentary we did that didn’t left a single person emotionally untouched, ALL the night long music sessions I was fortunate to film, your best friends that meant the whole world to you, who also quickly became my close friends, silly jokes, popcorn evenings and all the places we went to together. You introduced me to a world that did not exist for me before our paths crossed again and I have you to thank for many things I still do today. I will always stay loyal to you and your spirit, nothing has changed in our loyalty, and I will forever carry you deep down in my heart until the day I die and hopefully meet you again in a better place, where you are right now. Thank you "Brysh" Tim for everything! I Love you and miss you so much🖤🖤🖤

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