Deadmau5 is a Featured Artist in Dolby Atmos’ New YouTube Series

Audiophiles have been predicting that Dolby Atmos will be the future of live music. This new audio format allows producers to play back compositions on multichannel systems, placing individual sounds around a room with pinpoint accuracy. This makes for an entirely new concert-going experience that can be entirely immersive.

Throughout the course of a new YouTube series, some of the biggest artists in the industry will be demonstrating the power that Dolby Atmos can bring to a live music experience. Deadmau5 is the first artist to be debuted for this, and during the short video we get an inside look into his workflow using Atmos. This system allows him to place wildly complicated synth patterns in a three dimensional sound space around a room. Starting with a simple piano line, he quickly makes the song come alive as different layers come in and out of the environment. When he goes to check the finished product in his home Atmos theater, it is as if the sound is coming from within the space itself.

This series will continue with the likes of Sub Focus and Flux Pavilion also showcasing what they can do on this system. For more information, head over to Dolby’s website.