Cheat Codes Involved in Controversial Altercation with Fan

The three-member DJ group, Cheat Codes, have blown into the spotlight in recent years with impressive collaborations and remixes. Now that they are a global attraction, the boys out of LA are expected to behave in a professional manner.

Unfortunately for them, things got out a bit out of hand with a fan at a recent show. Member of Cheat Codes, Trevor Dahl, was recorded shoving a fans head and using vulgar language towards the fan during their show at Fairfield University in Connecticut. The physical gesture left the fan confused about what he had done to deserve such treatment. Things only got worse for Cheat Codes as another member of the group, Matthew Russell, joined in on the altercation and shoved the fan a few more times. The fan was ultimately pulled away by security and most likely escorted from the venue.

We all know that parties fueled by drugs and alcohol can lead to fans behaving recklessly. Being that we don’t know the full story of why Dahl and Russell behaved like this towards the fan, we can’t exactly condemn them just yet. However, being global artists requires you behave professionally almost under any circumstance. That is something they should probably work on if they would like to continue building their fanbase.