Boombox Cartel Brought Out a Live Mariachi Band for Cinco de Mayo

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In celebration of the Cinco de Mayo, most of you were enjoying some of the greatest delicacies of all time, tacos, and fajitas, of course! The Boombox Cartel duo, Americo and Jorge, took the celebrations to the next level. The two actually met in high school in Mexico, so their visuals have always been inspired by Mexican iconography and culture.

Although Cinco de Mayo is often derided, Boombox Cartel were in on the fun. During their set on Cinco they brought out a live Mariachi band to put on a show. The spectacle was something to behold as you can see below. They probably had a margarita or 3 on top of that.

Boombox Cartel Brought Out A Mariachi Band For Their Cinco De May Show! from r/trap