Bassnectar Announces An Unparalleled Spring Gathering

Bassnectar Spring Gathering

Bassnectar has something spectacular in store for his fans. A never done before all-inclusive resort style Spring Gathering. The location will be set along a tropical coastline.

The 4-day event is planning is to set up multiple zones like nightclubs, with all different genres of music. Ther is going to be pool parties Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as extra elective activities like snorkeling or skydiving.

Each person would get 4 nights stay at a hotel, unlimited food & drink, and all the amenities of a tropical luxury resort. It would definitely be the experience of a lifetime.

Check out Bassnectar’s post and its details below.

Bassnectar Getaway/Spring Break Event Idea from r/bassnectar