87-Hour Techno Rave Taking Place in Berlin

87-hour techno rave

In celebration of their seventh anniversary, beloved Berlin nightclub Griessmüle is going big. In honor of the occasion, they planned a four-day, 87-hour techno rave that will be staged at an old mill on the grounds. The event features 40+ DJs across three different areas providing the best Techno Germany has to offer. The marathon rave will take place this Friday, May 18 starting at 10:00pm. The full artist lineup and other information can be found here.

Notorious for their massive dance parties and underground scene, this event will feature big names and resident DJs alike. Of the massive lineup, notables are Slam, Psyk, Pär Grindvik and Subjected. There will be live performances from Exium, Boston 168 and Ultradyne. On their artist page they acknowledge acid house producer Andreas Ghem, who passed away back in June 2016 due to undisclosed health complications.

There is no indication whether the techno rave will be continuous, but 87 hours in succession would be a world record. The previous Guinness World Record for Longest Rave took place in Ireland in 2006. Unique Events Limited held a 55-hour dance party at the Quay Front in Wexford. The Griessmüle celebration does not appear to be going for any record. They just love to rage.