ZHU – Desert Woman

ZHU – Desert Woman

Anonymity, new music and …free nipple pasties –  ZHU truly keeps it interesting. The mysteriously playful producer has released new music just 30 days after his ‘My Life’ collab with Tame Impala. Unlike ‘My Life’, which was announced to fans, his new track ‘Desert Woman’ was dropped with no warning, and is only available by clicking this link. There is also the option to order free nipple pasties on the site.

Some fans have come up with the conspiracy that this all points to ZHU playing Coachella after he posted and then deleted a picture of all his upcoming live shows, with Coachella written down. Although it is crossed out, it’s still completely readable, which begs the question: was it a mischievous leak by the mystical man? Coachella IS in the desert, and his new song is ‘Desert Woman’ plus nipple pasties are notorious at festivals.

In addition to his cryptic signs, ZHU has posted a link to his Soundcloud titled FALL 2018 where one can enter a zip code and click “request city.” Does this mean a tour from ZHU this coming fall? We hope so.

Check out ‘Desert Woman’, jump on those free nipple pasties, and let us know what you think!

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