ZESKULLZ & The Dual Personality – MYL feat. Melokee

MYL ZESKULLZ & The Dual Personality – MYL feat. Melokee

ZESKULLZ is a name we have been watching for a while, and the fantastic releases always keep us intrigued. So when we heard they teamed up with The Dual Personality to release ‘MYL‘ while also featuring the vocals of Melokee, we were stoked.

This deep house tune keeps the energy moving from start to finish. The bass line groove acts as the focal point of the energy throughout the song, while the vocals have just enough attention drift over the top. Throughout the drop section, the vocal chops give enough variational ear candy to take this track to the next level. Melokee providing the vocals is the perfect fit for such a track. As the track progresses more melodic elements are added and weaved into the mix, giving a fresh perspective on the initial foundation with each section.

ZESKULLZ & The Dual Personality – MYL feat. Melokee | Free Download