Ten Things We Learned From What So Not’s Reddit AMA

photo via Relentless Beats

What So Not recently took some time out of his hectic touring schedule to answer questions from fans on his very first Reddit Ask Me Anything. He touched on details surrounding the conception of his latest full-length album Not All the Beautiful Things, his corresponding world tour, and some pretty personal topics—including the notorious rumored WSN/Flume drama. Here’s a compilation of What So Not’s ten most interesting responses.

1. Not All the Beautiful Things Was An Experimental Project

Reddit: Are you surprised at all by how well NATBT was received? What were your expectations for it upon release?

What So Not: YES. I was very surprised. This was an art project for me, without consideration of ‘what’s working right now.’ I stopped listening to all current music or following charts. I went back to records by Fugees, Led Zeppelin, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Pink Floyd etc & attempted to emulate (to some degree) what acts of this caliber achieved with their work. I wanted to make an ALBUM that focused on narrative, tone, mood & dynamic flow.

2. What So Not Won’t Confirm Nor Deny the Alleged Flume Drama

R: What is your relationship like with Harley after you went your separate ways? Will you ever tour/collab again?

WSN: If you got a reunion tour wouldn’t it just be me up there solo on CDJ 1000s? lol.

3. George Maple Didn’t “Yoko Ono” the What So Not Project

R: Do you think George Maple is the Yoko Ono of futurebass?

WSN: No, not at all.

(Context: There are rumors that suggest a love triangle between Harley Stretan, Emoh, and George Maple is why Harley (Flume) left the WSN project.)

4. We’re Not Getting That Stranger Things Remix Anytime Soon

R: Are you not able to release the Stranger Things remix ever?

WSN: The person we were chatting to isn’t at the company anymore & I got really preoccupied finishing the album, music videos, stage design, live show & evvvverything else ha 😀 It’s how things go when you do a bootleg ha 🙂 It’s a fun thing for the show for now!

5. WSN’s Horse Motif Has a Sweet Origin Story

R: I was just wondering where the idea for the Horse motif came from and why you’ve decided to keep using after Divide & Conquer?

WSN: Ha music industry is crazy.. Extortion, ransom, fraud, people stealing/not crediting/blocking others work.. Every time people tried to bring me down I imagined myself riding up a mountain on a horse, wearing a Viking helmet, throwing lightning bolts at everyone in my way.

6. WSN’s Horse Statue Has a Name

R: What is the name of your horse?

WSN: Aroha 🙂

7. WSN’s Aim is To Create An Escape From Reality

R: Has anyone ever told you that you look like a reverse Smurf? Also (Actual question) what would you say the aim of your music is?

WSN: Aim of my music & every facet around it (production, stage design, artwork, visuals) it is to create a world people can step into. A joyful escape, full of friendly faces & good energy. Writing music for me also helps me reflect/deal with/find peace with experiences & moments in my life. I hope the stories help others who themselves in similar situations.

8. WSN Spent a Year And a Half Working on NATBT

R: Looking back, do you thinking making an album is a worthwhile experience these days or does it make more sense to go the increasingly popular singles/EP route?

WSN: Probably more sense to singles & EP’s unless you’re really gonna go in on it. As mentioned I compromised my entire social & personal life for 1.5yrs to make it, so enjoy that should you choose :))

9. If He Weren’t Making Music He’d Be An Uninspired Average Joe

R: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t working in the music industry?

WSN: I’d prob be a more boring version of myself in an unimaginative lifestyle none the wiser of what could have been if I didn’t back myself, take big risks & pick myself up every time I was beat down.

10. He’s Got Tons of Unreleased Collabs On the Horizon

R: And lastly, are there any collabs in the works that didn’t make the album or maybe will be coming out soon that you can tease for us? (Like maybe a Flume or another RL collab, etc.)

WSN: I actually took some of the biggest songs of the album because they didn’t feel right for the narrative I wanted. I’m so excited to get those out! Some of you have seen I’ve been in with Ferg, Mø, Tove Lo, More with Daniel Johns, LXP, Offbloom etc.